Better run for cover, you're a hurricaine full of lies

& the way you're heading, no-one's getting out alive..

You're too hard to get over... </3


& so the lion fell in love with the lamb;

17. IT Student. Sarcastic. Loves to Laugh. Gets obsessed very easily. Bones, Twilight & Supernatural obsessed. Watches too much TV. From Dorset, UK. Loves her friends. Will add anyone that has even one similar interest!


Bones, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, CSI, CSI: NY, House, Desperate Housewives, Greek, Cold Case, Dexter, Private Practice, Twilight.

Booth/Brennan, Dean/Jo, Lucas/Peyton, Nathan/Haley, Brooke/Owen, Warrick/Catherine, Grissom/Sara, Danny/Lindsay, Flack/Angell, House/Cuddy, Foreman/Cameron, Carlos/Gabrielle, Rick/Lynette, Mike/Susan, Casey/Cappie, Casey/Evan, Scotty/Lilly, Vera/Kat, Dexter/Rita, Angel/Deb, Pete/Addison, Cooper/Charlotte, Sam/Naomi, Edward/Bella <3


Not many rules but might aswell have some!

I use Photoshop CS2, All I really ask for is that you comment because that's what makes me happy! Reading them! Credit isn't necessary but nice, Feel free to request anything from me, Please don't use my work and say it's your own! Also feel free to friend me for updates!

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